The Twelve Most Exciting Australian Dishes Of 2010

By Franz Scheurer


2010 has been a year of fabulous food, lots of unusual dishes, combination of flavours and interpretations on a familiar theme. Here are my favourite twelve dishes, in order:

Grilled Hervey Bay Scallops, White Cut Chicken and Prawn Cracker with Sweet Corn, Green Beans and Fish Fragrant Dressing

Rockpool, Sydney

Cucumber Sorbet, Elderflower Granite & Frozen Lime

Vue de Monde, Melbourne

Spinach, Lentils & Cèpes, layered, with Polenta, Gnocchi and Ricotta

Vulcans, Blackheath

Beef Tartare

Bentley Restaurant & Bar

Tortellini of Peas with Broad Beans, Morels & Light Tarragon Butter

Guillaume at Bennelong, Sydney

Radish, Dashi Butter, Bread Rolls

Duke, Sydney

Pasta Francesco

Pilu at Freshwater, Sydney

Grilled Sourdough with Lardo & Roast Garlic

Bar H, Sydney

Capretto Brasato with Roast Potatoes

Il Bàcaro, Melbourne

Black Sausage, Organic Egg & Crispy Pig's Ear Salad

Bistro CBD, Sydney

Stir-fried Broad Beans with Preserved Mustard and Pork Mince

Chairman Mao Chinese Restaurant

BBQ Silver Lake Eel, Sushi Rice, Confit Leek and Liquorice Powder

Sepia, Sydney


And The Six Most Exciting Dishes I Ate Overseas in 2010 

Tête du Cochon, Mushroom Ketchup, Preserved Lemon, Quail Egg

Luke's Gastronomy, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Saffron Risotto with Coriander Juice

Cracco Ristorante, Milan, Italy

Pappardelle with White Alba Truffles and Burnt Butter

Splendido, Tornonto, Canada


Trattoria I Due Sassi, Matera, Italy

Petta E Brou

Fiesta Sant' Elia, Sa Serra, Sardinia

Small Bresse Chicken in Two Courses

L'hôtel de Ville, Crissier, Switzerland