Crawley’s Bartender Agave Syrup

This is an organic agave syrup that consists of 30% agave juice and 70% water. It’s extremely potent but not viscous, so doesn’t cling to cocktail shakers, etc. It’s has a very low GI (Glycaemic index) and is the perfect syrup for making Margarita, Old Fashioned, Mojito and Caipirinha cocktails. No bar should be without one of these.

Available from James France, Vanguard Luxury Spirits


Jim Beam Devils Cut

What makes this whiskey special is the fact that Jim Beam has engineered a proprietary method of extracting the remaining whiskey in the wood of the barrels after they empty the barrel. Devil's Cut plays on the notion of the "Angel's Share" in whisky+whiskey making; the portion of liquid lost to evaporation.  After ageing, when the bourbon is emptied from the barrels, a certain amount of whiskey is left trapped within the wood. It's that liquid, and the rich, wooded flavours it has developed, that are extracted to blend with a six year old Jim Beam Bourbon, producing the 90 proof (45% a/v) Devil’s Cut. This is premium bourbon that is worth acquiring (not that it will last very long as you’re going to drink this, quickly).

Colour: dark amber with dark, red highlights

Note: Toasted Brazil nuts, Demerara sugar, cinnamon and quercus alba (white oak).

Palate: Immensely sweet at first, slowly drying and filling every nook and cranny of your palate. Meaty flavours, not unlike brown chicken stock, and lovage surface slowly

Finish: totally dry, a hint of menthol and moreish.

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Damoiseau Rhum Vieux

This aged rum hails from Guadeloupe a Caribbean island in the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. This is a ‘rhum agricole’ (made from pure, distilled cane juice not molasses) and it is aged in used American oak barrels for 15 years.

Colour: dark mahogany

Nose: Dried fruit, e.g. prunes and figs, roasted hazelnuts and candied orange peel

Palate: The Christmas cake flavours are confirmed on the palate with a hint of caramel and an earthy, woody undertone

Finish: very long, lingering with leather and tobacco flavours

Available from Cerbaco Distribution

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Sipsmith Independent Spirits

Sipsmith is the first distiller to open up within the city of London in 189 years. It’s a distillery based on copper stills. They produce three main spirits (at this stage) a Barley Vodka, a London Dry Gin and a Sloe Gin. A Damson Vodka has just been released but I have not as yet seen it.  Distilled in small batches (no more than 300 bottles per batch). They are using English barley and, unusually, they discard the heads and the tails (most places will re-distil them). Why Sipsmith? They take a lend of the word ‘Wordsmith’ with wordsmiths creating all things ‘wordical’ so Smipsmiths create all things worth sipping. I rest my case…


Sipsmith Barley Vodka, 40% a/v (sold in a 350ml bottle)

Nose: Far from odourless this Vodka literally drowns in sweet muscat and shortbread aromas

Palate: The sweetness is confirmed (and it is not just vini rect {alcohol} sweetness) and it’s a fairly textured, almost oily drink. The grain flavours are dominant and hints of angelica linger in the background

Finish: medium and drying.


Sipsmith London Dry Gin, 41.6% a/v (sold in a 350ml bottle)

Nose: a very balanced aroma of juniper berries, orris root, cassia bark and coriander seeds with a hint of chlorophyll.

Palate: the classic Gin aromatics are confirmed and there is a lovely, rounded floral flavour-set that is both enchanting and addictive.

Finish: quite long, finishing with a hint of elder flowers.


Sipsmith Independent Spirits are imported into Australia by Hippocampus Memorable Drinks Pty. Ltd. in WA

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