World Wine

The Imported Wine Handbook - Angus Hughson

Book Review by Franz Scheurer


We are drinking more imported wines and we obviously like the new tastes, exciting textures and different experiences, as this is one of the fastest growing market segments. Itís the same with everything new: how do we evaluate what we want to drink? Do we go with our bottle-shopís recommendation? Do we like a particular label? Are we impressed by price (be it very affordable or extremely expensive)? We need a hand, a guide that tell us what is available, at what price point and what we might expect. Angus Hughson with his book World Wine filled this large gap.


Hughson is no stranger to Australian publications as heís a regular writer for the Australian Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine (he won their New Writer Award in 2005), The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail and the Herald Sun, His easily accessible style appeals to amateurs and experts and his book World Wine is written very much in this style.


The book is laid out logically with information on each region, their top producers and presenting relevant wine reviews. Hughson deals with Top Imports for 2009, then with New Zealand, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria and finally the Americas. He deals with the most well known grape varieties and reminds you how to taste, buy and store wine. I think that the introductory chapters probably contain the most valuable information, getting you ready to understand the rest of the book, which is better used as a reference whenever the need arises. Trying to read it cover to cover, then storing it away does not do the book justice. Itís a book to have with you, a book to consult at the wine merchants and bottle shops. Keep one at home and one in the car!


This book is a terrific guide, a tour guide and a reference book, all in one.

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