Japanese Cooking At Home (Hideo Dekura)

Hideo Dekura is a friend and I have an immense respect for his ability, his knowledge and his generous nature. Heís one of the shining lights of the Japanese food culture, a sushi master-chef and he never ceases to amaze me. His latest book, Cooking at Home, is meant to simplify, demystify and make Japanese food more approachable for the home cook without ever losing sight of authenticity. Itís beautifully put together, modern, bright and informative.Ingredients are highlighted, step-by-step photography helps you understanding methods and the photography does the food justice. If you only ever own one Japanese food book, then this is the one!

ISBN 1 74110 260 X Published by New Holland Publishers (Australia Pty. Ltd.)

This book is available at most bookstores.