Great Barbecues (Carol Selva Rajah)

Barbecuing in Australia is traditionally a manís domain (complete with silly apron) but many (spell that most) could do with a bit of help. The days of the steak thatís frozen on the inside and burnt on the outside are over. Enter, stage left: Carol Selva Rajah. Carolís book ĎGreat Barbecuesí draws on the Asian and Middle Eastern traditions of grilling and barbecuing and adds technique, flavour and pizzazz. It teaches you how to use meat, meat and more meat. It shows you how to prepare and cook seafood and even a vegie dish or two. So, get the book and put a Motherís Day menu together. You might even want to try my favourite dish in the book: Charred Crab-stuffed Squid. Itís quite achievable, complex and a textural sensation. Bon Appetit!

ISBN 981-232-353-8 Published by Times Editions