Cibo (Salvatore Pepe & Amanda Ward)

Self-publishing a book is a lot of work and a considerable risk. Nevertheless, Salvatore and Amanda decided this was the way to go with their book. Cibo is all about simple, but concentrated Italian flavours, the exact flavours Salvatore remembers growing up with. It’s hard to recapture a moment in time and times do change, however I think this book succeeds in introducing a simple, but stunning cuisine to the reader. I do think that the sentences on page 11 sum up the essence of the book, and I quote: “There are a few rules that apply when Italians cook. Buy what’s in season. Buy the freshest you can get. Buy just enough for your immediate needs. Don’t compromise. If you can’t get the ingredients you need for a dish, cook something else. Buy local and don’t buy anything if you don’t know its origins – the story behind the food can tell you a lot about what your are getting”. It’s a handy book with informative and appetite-inspiring photography, written with passion by someone who knows food. I just LOVE the ‘Roast Rabbit with Artichokes and Potatoes’.

ISBN 0-646-45368-8

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