A Crusade

By Franz Scheurer


Like David Thompson’s ambition to have the word ‘scuds’ accepted as the name for the fiercely hot little green chillies he so masterfully hides inside green beans, my crusade is to eliminate the word ‘cod’ from ‘blue eye cod’ on Sydney’s restaurant menus.


Blue eye is no cod. Blue eye is a trevalla.


The main commercial species, ‘Hyperoglyphe Antarctica’ is blue eye trevalla and the less common ‘Schedophilus Labyrinthica’ is ocean blue eye trevalla.  Just call them blue eye, by any means, but stop calling them ‘cod’.  They are a close relative to blue warehou and bigeye trevally and the ‘cod’ is not even a distant cousin.


No one is going to think you’re serving up a slice of Frank Sinatra even if you do just call it blue eye!