Flavour (Dr. Max Lake)

This small book by the world’s foremost taste-philosopher Dr. Max Lake packs a punch. The cover’s subtitle is ‘Essentials for Tasters and Cooks’ and once you start reading it, you will agree. There is always something to learn in the company of Dr. Max Lake and his books are no exception. As he guides the reader through the basics of taste, touching on the ‘wormy tastes’ (sour, salty, sweet, bitter and umami) and the sensations transported via the fifth or trigeminal nerve (pain/pungent, hot/cold, texture and astringency) he guides the taster to think and analyse. Once you understand taste you learn about smell, sight and touch, all-important parts of assessing food or drink. Dr. Max Lake spent his life doing the three ‘T’s: taste, train and talk, and not a day goes by where he doesn’t. This book will show you the way and once you understand how flavours work you will be a better taster and a better cook!

ISBN 0 9585192-7-7

You can order it by e-mail: maxlake@bigpond.com