Hairy Bikers  - 12 Days of Christmas



Book Review by Franz Scheurer


The Hairy Bikers have been around for a while and contrary to the look they portray they can cook (they can ride, too). Their food is uncomplicated and fun and the '12 Days of Christmas' is no exception. It's a book of recipes to feed your family and friends over the Festive Season. This book does re-visit many of the favourite Christmas dishes, but favourite = UK and cold weather. If you're into traditional winter-style Christmas fare then this book is fabulous; if however you're into a BBQ on the beach, it's probably not. I do like their take on a 'Christmas Pudding' (page 17) and I certainly approve of page 30 talking about 'Christmas Pudding Vodka' and 'Sloe Gin". One of the more useful recipes in for making 'Candied Peel' and it's a great one for using all year round. A great idea for finger-food is found on page 119, Chipolatas Wrapped In Bacon & Dates Wrapped in Bacon'. Love it. I also like the 'Citrus-Crusted Chicken Breasts' on page 181 and 'Roast Pork Hocks' (page 212) work for me anytime.


Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

ISBN 9780297860273