Mind Meld

By Franz Scheurer


A Vulcan mind meld is not entirely without risk (just ask Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager) nor is the cocktail!


A couple of days ago I received a little bottle of Sazeracís orange bitters, called ĎReganís No. 6 Orange Bittersí to try out. I have been waiting for a decent orange bitters. Now I am well aware that many of the mixologists in Australia make their own but having tried Reganís I must say this is the best one I have tried so far. Itís pungent without being artificial, itís orangey without being too citric and itís seriously bitter, just the way I like it. It works extremely well, especially in the classic Sazerac cocktail and no bar should be without a bottle or two.


The temptation to use it in a Sazerac was overwhelming and after playing around for a night or so, I came up with the following, Sazerac-leaning cocktail:


Mind Meld


Lots of ice cubes

Quarter of a nip of Henri Bardouin Pastis de Provence

One cube of Ala Perruche brown sugar

Five drops of Reganís Orange Bitters No. 6

A three-centimetre strip of lemon rind

Two nips of Inner Circle Green Dot Rum

Half a nip of Deribaucourt Gentiane Liqueur

Half a nip of Cointreau

A dash of soda



Rinse a tall glass with the Pastis. Pour out excess.

Put the sugar cube into the bottom the same glass. Add Bitters. Wait a couple of minutes then crush with the back of a spoon.

Flame lemon rind and squeeze oils into glass.

In a separate glass, filled with ice cubes, pour Rum, Gentiane and Cointreau, stir for about 1 minute. Strain contents of second glass into first glass, add 2 of the ice cubes and a dash of soda.






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