Martin Place Bar

by Franz Scheurer


Location, location, location! That might be an important factor but location alone does not a full bar make. Martin Place Bar might essentially be a watering hole, but itís one with a lot of style. A long, marble clad bar runs almost the full length of the room with the kitchen tucked away at the far end and a Ďback barí at the end. There are tables and chairs throughout the room and banquettes near the entrance, making it easy to screen off a private area for groups. The back bar is surprisingly stylish and is the perfect place for a stand up cocktail party but you can hire out the entire bar for a private function.


The crowd is an interesting mix of suits and blue collar workers and because of the ice cold beer (very Australian), a great selection of spirits (very Gen-Y) and unbelievable value for money in the red wine department (very Suits and Baby Boomers) the place attracts such a cross section of customers.


Lots of different bottled beers and even Beckís on tap make it easy to find your favourite tipple and the fact that you can buy wines like Brands Laira Shiraz 1994 for $ 59 per bottle or a Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir 2000 for $45 a bottle bogles the mind. I donít think youíll find a bottle at these prices even at retail.


The food is simple, pub-fare, satisfying and filling and surprisingly good for a public bar. Try the MPA Burger with Fries ($18) for a huge serve and superb value, the Grilled Spring Hill Angus Beef Sausages ($22) if you like your snags or the Asian Style Duck Salad ($20) if you hanker for some Asia flavours. You can always finish the meal off with the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce ($10) and convince yourself that there are no calories in anything thatís this sticky.


Martin Place Bar is a great place for a quick lunch, an extended liquid get-together or a quick drink before you go home. On Friday nights itís absolutely packed with standing room only, but due to the long bar and a lot of staff behind the bar you donít have to wait for your drinks.


You can even reserve a table! Lunch is served from 11.30am to 3.00pm and the all-day menu is available from 11.30am to 9.00pm.


Now Iíll tell you a secret, Psssssttt! Martin Place Bar serves REALLY nice coffee and as they have a free wireless hot spot it is the perfect place to catch up on some quiet work in the morning, before the lunch rush starts.


Check it out!


Martin Place Bar

Cnr Martin Place and Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel.: 02 9231 5575

For Reservations or Functions