Master Stock

By Cheong Liew



1 liter    Water

100g      Rock sugar

10g        Star Anise, whole

10g        Cinnamon stick

5g          Cumin seeds

20g        Ginger, bruised

10g        Mandarin peel, dried (presoaked)

5g          Szechuan pepper

20g        Licorice Roots, dried

60 ml     Dark soy

60ml      White rice wine or Grappa

60 ml     Superior light soy

1 stalks  Green (spring) onion



Put all ingredients into a heavy-bottom stockpot except rock candy sugar. Simmer for 20 minutes on its own, then add your main item to be poached (e.g. pork, duck, chicken, quail, etc.) and then add rock sugar 20 minutes before finish. When main item is cooked, remove meat and either let stock cool and freeze it and reuse it (always boiling it first) or in a restaurant situation keep on simmer all the time and continue using is.