Redoak Brilliance

Redoak is one of my favourite boutique beers and it seems that almost everything chief brewer David Hollyoak puts his mind to, he succeeds. One of my favourite Redoak creations is the ŌRauchbierÕ, a smoky, salty beer that complements European-style smallgoods. Now heÕs released the Belgian Chocolate Stout and itÕs amazing. ItÕs an oatmeal stout, infused with Belgian chocolate and bottled in a 250ml bottle at 5% a/v. Immediately attention grabbing is the fact that this chocolate stout holds a head in the glass (most chocolate infused beers are flat and ŌfattyÕ) and is made in the traditional way, without any additives, sugars or preservatives. It shines with a velvety texture, a terrific bitter chocolate flavour and a mouth-feel that is as substantial as any Guinness on tap IÕve ever tasted. This beer loves chilli heat and salt and spice. ItÕs perfect with a slab of Tilsit cheese from Switzerland or a tin of Ortiz anchovies from Spain and some crusty, sourdough bread. I suppose you could pair it to a dessert but I feel thatÕs a bit old-hat. Redoak Belgian Chocolate Stout is available from Redoak Boutique Beer Cafˇ in Sydney.

REDOAK, 201 Clarence Street, Sydney Australia

Ph 02 9262-3303  Fax 02 9262-3304

Open Mon to Sat (lunch & dinner) , 11am till late