Salades – Damien Pignolet

Book Review by Franz Scheurer


Another beautiful book by gifted Chef Damien Pignolet and again published by Lantern (Penguin Books). This one is aimed at teaching us all to learn how to make the perfect salad dish. There are enough recipes in this book to tempt you into a different salad every day for a year and you’d be surprised how diverse (and healthy) these dishes can be.


The book is divided into:

Composed Salads

Classic Salads

Main Course Salads

Salads on the Side

Special Occasion Salads

Warm Salads

Winter Salads

Sweet Salads


To quote Damien Pignolet from the introduction of the book: “The role of salads in the French kitchen is quite different from what one might expect in Australian and British cooking, where a bowl of green leaves is usually what passes under this title”, so in reality this book is not only beautifully put together, but it also has a real place in our kitchen. We deserve better than just a bowl of greens…


After a brief introduction where individual salad leaves are shown and described, you are immediately immersed into a plethora of salads that, frankly, blow your socks off. I must admit I am foremost a carnivore and the idea of eating a salad has rarely excited me. It’s amazing for me just how much I am starting to salivate reading these recipes. I love the idea of Broad Bean, Baby Beetroot, Celeriac & White Onion Salad with Walnut Cream Vinaigrette and I can almost taste the Peppers à la Toulonnaise. When Damien Pignolet notices something that works perfectly he’s not too proud either to include it and Steve Manfredi’s Very Best Tomato & Mozzarella Salad is proof. The Chicken & Tarragon Mayonnaise Salad seems the perfect food to take to Melbourne Cup and I love the Watercress, Cucumber & Orange Salad with Garlic Croûtons. Finish your Sunday lunch on the water on Sydney’s beautiful harbour with a Rockmelon & Raspberry Salad with Honey & Passionfruit...


What? You don’t have the book? Shame on you; go out and buy it, NOW


Salades by Damien Pignolet


RRP $ 59.95

ISBN 978-1-920989-55-2