Wine New September

By Franz Scheurer


Woodstock ‘The Stocks’ Shiraz 2005

This single vineyard wine is not an archetypical, blockbuster, bold and brash Shiraz but a fruit-driven and balanced wine with soft tannins. It is proof that red wine at an acceptable alcohol level can be just as alluring and convince with an amazing complexity. This is an eminently drinkable wine from an unfertilised vineyard established more than 100 years ago, with flavour and character making up for the low yield.

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Jim Barry ‘Three Little Pigs’ 2004

The ‘Three Little Pigs’ is not a frivolous wine, despite its name, but a light, quaffable blend of Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot from the Clare Valley. It reminds me of some of the Italian food wines (without the headache) and it simply loves a tomato-based pasta. Peter Barry reckons it’s the perfect BBQ wine and the Barry family does receive three little pigs every year to magically transform into Christmas hams. If you have a close look at the watermark on the label you see that the consumption of the meat seems paramount in their minds. Despite (or because) of this, the wine is a treat with some good quality, smoked ham.

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Lucky Lizard Chardonnay 2006

d’Arenberg must have some of the most intriguing names for its wines and the Lucky Lizard is no exception. But make no mistake, this is not a frivolous wine. It’s from the Adelaide Hills and the long ripening period favours strong varietal characters. A ten month maturation in new and aged French oak barrels the best are selected to be released under this label. This is a great wine: balanced, full of citrus flavours with a hint of overripe grapefruit and a clean, acidic finish. This is the kind of Chardonnay we ought to make!

Suggested RRP $ 25

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