Book Review by Franz Scheurer – Australian Gourmet Pages



By Brigid Treloar


Contemporary cooks may be equipped with the latest technology, but today, more and more people demand simplicity, without compromising on variety or flavour. It makes perfect sense then to return to one of the most ancient methods of cooking: steaming


Steaming is the art of gently enveloping food with a cloud of even heat to retain food’s natural juices and flavours. It’s clean, fast, non-fussy, healthy and absolutely delicious.


Brigid Treloar’s book “Steaming” just released by Lansdowne Publishing teaches steaming with clear step-by-step instructions, explaining equipment, utensils, methods and technique. Explanations are concise, clear and well illustrated. 


The book is divided into:

-         Introduction to steaming

-         Appetisers and starters

-         Rice, noodles and grains

-         Meat and poultry

-         Seafood

-         Vegetables and salads

-         Desserts


The recipes are innovative, delicious, easy to follow and they work. It is obvious from their selection that Brigid’s preference leans towards Asian flavours but there is an abundance of classical dishes from the Old World.  There is a good glossary, a very helpful guide to weights and measures and a functional index.

Very thorough indeed.


This book is a valuable addition to any cook’s library. If you’re a beginner it will give you the confidence to try something new and you will succeed in creating some very good food and if you’re an accomplished cook you will appreciate Brigid’s fresh approach to an ancient way of cooking.


“Steaming” by Brigid Treloar, I thoroughly recommend it!

ISBN 1 86302 699 1