Ultimate Food Journeys

Dorling Kindersley

A book review by Franz Scheurer


If you’re a passionate foodie who loves to travel or a passionate traveller who loves food, this book is for you. It’s all about where to go for what food (or what food to eat where).  Finest ‘Clam Chowder’ in Boston? Check, tastiest sushi in Tokyo? of course, best pizza in Naples? naturally.


This book takes you to Europe, The Middle East and Africa, Asia and Australasia, North America and South America. The photography will make you want to pack right there and then and the food description will make you salivate all the way to Lalibela (Ethiopia). This is not a recipe book, it’s a travel book with food as its focus. It’s compulsory reading before a trip and you might want to take it with you, to read on the plane, to consult while you’re overseas or just for the sheer pleasure of it.


Did you know about the Dutch Pie in Lancaster County, USA?  Have you eaten Peanut Chicken in Dujiangyan, China? Fancy some Crispy Acarajé in Salvador? This book opens up a plethora of possibilities that might make you plan your next trip.


Go on, get it, it’s not an option!


ISBN: 978-1-4053-5866-8


RRP: $39.95