Verona Wood Fired Ovens
Re-discover an ancient, traditional cooking technique. With versatile design and performance, a Verona Oven is the unique centrepiece of any location. Explore the real taste of pizzas, bread, casseroles, roasts, seafood and more. The applications are as endless as your imagination. Wood fired ovens give you the complete satisfaction of freshly baked, wood smoked delicacies and very quick cooking times. The ovens are fitted with a specially designed smoke outlet and draft controlled vent for maximum temperature control. The traditional interior vaults are fabricated in precision moulded sections. Using the latest in insulation technology, the application of the unique heat storage mass guarantees a consistent heat throughout the entire oven. The oven vault, floor tiles and smoke outlet are made from top quality fire proof materials, tolerating up to 1,350º C. Exceptionally easy to operate and extremely economical in wood consumption, the ovens are a real treat for food lovers. Optional gas back-up facility is available for maintaining a constant temperature, which you might need, in a commercial application. Built to last, Verona Ovens give you top of the range features.

Verona Ovens come in a easy to assemble kit form if you are handy or feel like playing master builder or, if you have 10 thumbs or no spare time, Alex Bonetti and his team will make it easy for you and build it to your specifications. They are extremely efficient and wonderfully reliable. Alex Bonetti, born and raised in Switzerland, designs and builds everything himself, drawing from years of experience living in the Swiss mountains, close to the Italian part of Switzerland. His workmanship is impeccable and, like a Swiss watch, he is there on time, every time. Attention to details is second to none and they clean up when they are finished.

This is the oven I had built in my backyard:

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