Put your faith into ‘Stock’

By Franz Scheurer


Tim Stock, an icon of the Australian Wine Industry, never content with stagnation, is convincing with his portfolio of wines. His company, Vinous Solutions might just offer one of the most remarkable portfolios of non-mainstream wines in Australia and are a must-know for any sommelier or wine buyer out there. I would like to let Tim tell his own story:


“I established Vinous Solutions in 2002 whilst working at Aria. I had started Stock Wines with Nick, my brother, and we were only making tiny amounts of Clare Valley Riesling and Heathcote Shiraz and I thought there was a great opportunity to use the practically idle resources to help out a couple of producers who had become friendly through my support of their wines as a sommelier. Essentially I offered to help as I loved their wines and that is how it all started.


As a sommelier I had always thought of myself as having one foot each in the wine and hospitality industries but always knew that the future for me lay in the wine industry. I then realised that I had a great opportunity with Vinous Solutions to showcase and spread the word about what I considered to be some of Australia’s best small producers, from the iconic to the emerging. I went about putting together a portfolio of boutique producers that shared my quality driven philosophy on wine who produced products tailored to top restaurants and fine wine retailers.


The early days weren’t easy as the new kid on the wholesaling block. I didn’t even have a car when I started so I walked or caught trains, buses and taxis to get around to sales calls. Thankfully though I had a good network of sommelier peers who allowed me to put a foot in their door and started supporting the wines I was selling. I really owe a lot to those who gave me a break in the early days because if it was any harder starting up I think I might have packed it in at an early stage.


I now have a portfolio I am proud of with over twenty brands from thirteen different producers. Selling wines with names that are relatively new to the market means I have to use a lot of my sommelier skills to educate the trade about the wines and why they are unique. Whilst a lot of the wines I represent are in the premium price points they usually offer good value when compared with more established brand names.


My next challenge now is to take these wines outside my current market to share them with more of the drinking public”.


You can contact Tim Stock via e-mail: vinous@bigpond.com

I suggest you ask for a copy of the portfolio; you might just something you have been looking for.


I have just sampled the following two wines from Tim’s portfolio:


Scorpo Noirien Pinot Noir 2005

What’s in a name? Noirien was used as a nickname for Burgundies as far back as 1325 and is a combination of the French ‘noir’ (black) and ‘rien’ (nothing) and its use by Scorpo using their fabulous Mornington Peninsula fruit is cheeky indeed. This is a good, soft, juicy Pinot Noir with enough savoury elements to keep fan your interest and hold it. Unbelievably good value for money this is an excellent Pinot. RRP $28-$30 per bottle


Mahi Francis Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2005

This wine is living proof that not all New Zealand Sauvignon smell of cat’s piss. Seems to me that a lot of malic acid has not been converted to lactic acid as the overwhelming first impression on the nose are green apples. On the palate the fruit is confirmed with apples and pears and a hint of pineapple, not unlike some of the Pinot Gris I tried from New Zealand. This is an easy-drinking style, thankfully under screwcap, that will keep its freshness for a little while. RRP $28-$30 per bottle