The Vodka Cookbook (John Rose)

There’s nothing new about cooking with spirits, the art of flambé, adding flavour to soups and sauces and using spirits to preserve or to marinate.  To use Vodka, however, a spirit specifically distilled to be clear, clean and flavourless seemed an odd choice for a whole cookbook despite vodka being the most popular spirit in the world, consumption-wise. John Rose is an award-winning ad-man, known for his commercials for many multi-nationals (incl. Coca Cola, Kodak and Sony) and as his choice of living in Moscow demonstrates, with a love for all things Russian. John collected, collated and with the help of photographer Simon Wheeler and the sponsorship of Smirnoff Vodka, put together more than a 100 recipes using vodka, in book form. The book is divided into Brunch, Starters, Food Flights, Salads & Soups, Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Pasta and Desserts, then it also looks at your vodka pantry, the art of preserving, infusions and finally cocktails, all of course, using vodka. The food flights are a great idea and I found the section of infusions particularly interesting. A lot of ‘flavoured’ vodkas are on the market these days, but it’s hard to beat the ‘home made’ varieties. John’s instructions are clear and concise and they work. Would I cook with vodka? Probably rarely, but I would buy the book for the infusions section alone.

ISBN 1 85626 639 7

Published by Kyle Cathie Limited, distributed in Australia by Simon & Schuster.

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