Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012

Book review by Franz Scheurer


Jim Murray’s done it again: over 4,500 whiskies tasted, evaluated and rated and the popularity of the guide is self-evident by more than a quarter of a million copies sold worldwide. The format is unchanged: you could almost fit it into your pocket and the type is really, really small to fit all the information in. So you have to have your glasses handy, but at least they don’t interfere with your dram.


Jim’s ‘2012 World Whisky of the Year’ is Old Pulteney 21 years

His ‘Second Finest Whisky in the World’ is George T. Stagg and

His ‘Third Finest Whisky in the World’ is Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheated Mash Bill Bourbon 10 y/o.


It’s great to see that some American whiskies are recognised and this greatly confirms my own palate.


Jim writes about Scotch (naturally), blends, vatted malts and single malts, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Rye, Canadian, Japanese, European and ‘World Whiskies’. The highest scoring drams are 97.5/100 and they are the Ardbeg Uigeadail, Old Pultney 21 y/o, Ballantine’s 17 y/o and George T. Stagg.


Whatever you might want to know about the whisky you’re drinking right now is probably in this book.


This is a reference you can’t afford to be without.


ISBN 978-0-9554729-6-1


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