Wine Notes - October 2009

By Franz Scheurer


Picardy Chardonnay 2008

Picardy is situated in Pemberton, WA and it seems to be the perfect terroir for Burgundian style wines. Not only do they make a superb Pinot Noir, their Chardonnay is amongst Australiaís best. The Pannell family has always been of the forefront of importing clones and I would suspect that they have the largest number of different clones planted in their vineyard. The 2008 Chardonnay is simply superb. On the nose youíll immediately perceive grape fruit and Seville orange aromas, mixed with a touch of allspice and the citrus is confirmed on the palate. Mouth-feel is textured and a little oily and flavours last and last and last. This is a gorgeous wine, on its own and as a superb food wine, and has to be rated amongst the best from Down Under.

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Brandís Laira Coonawarra Vintage 40 Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

This wine commemorates the 40 years of history and wine making at Brandís Laira since the inaugural vintage in 1966. Founder and Chinaware patron Eric Brand created his first wine in that year and Brandís Laira has gone from strength to strength, representing the Coonawarra terroir. This is a beautifully crafted wine with mulberry and blackberries on the nose with hints of cigar box and cocoa. On the palate the dark berries are confirmed and a strong, meaty savoriness asserts itself with hints of burning cedar and sandalwood. Finish is long, savoury and spicy and you canít help yourself but hold your glass out for more.

This is a terrific wine that might be pricey but itís terrific value for money.


ARA Sauvingon Blanc 2008 Composite

Hailing from Marlborough in New Zealand this is the typical, cats-pissy Sauvignon Blanc we expect.Itís varietally true on the nose and follows up on the palate with gooseberry and underripe grape-fruit flavours and despite its relativeliy high alcohol 13% a/v, it shines with a long, clean and uncomplicated finish. If you like this kind of Sauvignon Blanc you canít go wrong.


ARA Sauvignon Blanc 2007 Resolute

From the same company as the above wine, again from Marlborough, the Resolute is a very different type of Sauvignon Blanc. Itís restrained, closed at first and a wine that should not be drunk ice cold. The Resolute is from stressed vines, battling the elements and yielding lots of white peach flavour with a good, almost oily mouth-feel and a long, dry finish. This is not your typical Sauvignon Blanc, itís a substantial wine that youíll either love or hate; I donít think thereís a middle ground. Itís not varietal for is it close to any other varietal expression, but it is a well crafted, interesting wine that Iíd be happy to serve to my guests. I can picture deep-fried whiting and aioli.