Cheong Liew 10 years at the Grange – A Celebration of Edible Harmony




It’s amazing how time flies. It seems only like yesterday when Cheong Liew took over the Grange at the Adelaide Hilton and turned the hotel restaurant into one of the world’s best dining rooms. Cheong’s mastery with flavours and textures is unequalled in today’s gastronomic world and his sense of hospitality lifts a great experience into the realm of the extraordinary. Last week we were lucky enough to partake in a celebratory dinner in Cheong’s kitchen, sampling the 10th Anniversary Tasting Menu. Cheong’s food always surprises, pleases and teases, but I must admit this menu topped all expectations. Only the signature ‘Four Dances of the Sea’ remains, everything else is new, exciting and, in usual Liew fashion, challenging. Cheong’s food has a quality that transcends any barrier or social distinction, leaving the diner in an unequaled state of sated happiness. If you have never eaten Cheong’s food, now is the time. If you have eaten his food before now is the time to renew the acquaintance and if you’re a devotee you’ll never want to leave! Congratulations to Cheong Liew and his fabulous team, the front of house staff and of course to Jean-Luc Fourrier, the brilliant man who makes it all happen; seemingly with elegant ease.


Here is the current menu:



Cheong Liew`s




Edible Harmony

Tenth Anniversary Tasting Menu


The Four Dances of the Sea

Soused snook, raw calamari and black noodles, octopus aioli and spiced prawn sushi

`04 Alan & Veitch Viognier



Crisp Queensland soft shell crab

 `04 Mesh ‘Eden Valley’ Riesling



Chicken liver and mousse ravioli with creamy crab and lentil broth

`03 Ashton Hills Chardonnay



Steamed Kunsei of salmon with braised leeks and pacific oyster

`04 Castagna Allegro



Roasted Pheasant breast, coconut cabbage, pheasant leg sausage and endive fondue

`01 R.B.J. ‘Theologicum’ Mourvedre Grenache



Spiced Wagyu beef, anchovy salsa, stuffed mushroom and baby root vegetables

`03 Paracombe ‘Adelaide Hills’ Cabernet Franc



Warm layers of gorgonzola and marscapone with macerated dates and witlof salad

`01 Château du Pavillon St. Croix du Mont



Pear and basil cream, ginger toffee, Galiano almond milk with grass jelly,

 azuki beans and tapioca pearl

`04 Alasia Moscato d’Asti





The Grange Restaurant offers four set menus:

An eight-course Edible Harmony tasting menu

A six-course River of fish

Salt-baked kangaroo Island Chicken (a menu shared by the whole table)

Maestro’s Vegetarian menu


For more information or bookings:

The Grange Restaurant

The Adelaide Hilton

233 Victoria Square

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel.: 08 8217 2000












Cheong Liew at work and play!



Four Dances of the Sea - Recipe