Dewar’s 12 Year Old

John Dewar started out blending whiskies as far back as 1846 and the Dewar dynasty grow from there, with John Dewar & Sons winning their first medal for blended whisky in 1886. In 1892 they start exporting to the USA and in 1893 Queen Victoria awards her Royal Warrant. Their blends are known all over the world and they also produce a 12 y/o Single Malt at the Aberfeldy distillery.

The Dewar’s 12 y/o Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky is dark golden in appearance with aromas of short bread and cereal. On the palate a touch of maltose expands into rummy, woody overtones with subdued, dried fruit. This is a whisky that, although being a blend, doesn’t easily give up its secrets. It benefits from exposure to air in the glass and gets progressively more fruit forward. At 43% a/v it is slightly higher in alcohol than many other blends and the alcohol heat is a welcome addition. This is a solid, well-crafted blend for people who like it dry and austere.