Here is what some industry heavyweights think of AGP


Neil Perry AM - Director, Rockpool Group

I have been following Gourmet Pages for a number of years now. I find Franzís reviews witty, knowledgeable and informative. I think he brings a balanced view to the table, an important attribute for any critic. He enjoys the relationship between wine and food and always seems to set out to enjoy himself. Of course our job as restaurateurs is to make sure that that becomes a reality for him. I also like the fact that you will find reviews on beverages and books that again seem to be thoughtful and well crafted, it makes Gourmet Pages a must read.


Matt Moran - Chef/Co-owner ARIA

I am a big fan of Franz, he is a knowledgeable voice in the food and wine industry and his reviews are always honest and meaningful.


Mark Best - Chef/Co-owner Marque Restaurant

Franz has been at the forefront of food writing for longer than I care to remember and before blogging even had a name, his only vested interests being truth, taste, passion and a full stomach. Receiving Restaurant of the Year from AGP (in 2009) was one of my proudest moments.


Pat Nourse - Deputy Editor, Australian Gourmet Traveller

Franz Scheurer is the blogfather, the man who has been cataloguing the highlights and nailing the low-points of food and wine in Australia online since the days of dial-up and BBSes. Back when he first founded Gourmet Pages most websites still had counters, we browsed with Netscape, taking pictures of food was considered deeply eccentric and most of today's food bloggers were still learning to feed themselves. I've known Franz for more than a decade now, and over that time I've seen him roast pigs in Hyde Park, judge camp-oven cook-offs in the wilds of the Flinders Ranges, run Australia's most interesting pinot noir tastings and write some of the most highly opinionated and candid coverage of restaurants Sydney has ever seen. His taste for fancy motors and filthy jokes can't be faulted. Very few pundits can lay claim to so innate an understanding of European hospitality combined with intel gleaned from extensive travels in the Middle East, Asia and beyond. His knowledge is as broad as his grin, and his perspective is unique and unquestionably his own. He has both the confidence of chefs, and the trust of his readers. His character is robust, his opinions freely given; I'm pleased to say our frequent, sometimes vocal, disagreements about food and restaurants have only made our friendship stronger, and when he gets it right (that is, when his position coincides with mine) he gets it really right.


Simon Thomsen Ė Executive Life Editor

Franz Scheurer was a food blogger before the term was even invented. He was ahead of his time, creating a remarkable, passionate website about the Australian food scene called Australian Gourmet Pages. Franz combines insight and an intimate understanding of cuisines and food culture with forthright opinions to write reviews and opinion pieces, so Iím always learning something new. Franz knows all the major food players, so he gets the goss too and his knowledge of whisky leaves me craving a dram after reading his reviews. Gourmet Pages is a great read.


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